Where the 2012 political candidates stood on state government transparency

Given the challenges facing our state, it is unsurprising that Nevadans from across the political spectrum are increasingly asking for more transparency from their state and local governments.

To meet this desire, TransparentNevada sent surveys to all current and prospective lawmakers asking for their views on some frequently discussed open-government proposals.

Some responses include additional comments. We urge you to read the full comments in order to get a fully formed picture of the candidate's views. You can view the full comments by clicking on their response.

If you're interested, you can also read the whole survey.

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Question #1: Do you support civil and/or criminal penalties for government officials, in their personal capacities, who violate Nevada's public-record laws?

Question #2: Do you support applying Nevada's open-meeting laws to the Legislature?

Question #3: Do you support giving the public 72 hours to read all bills before they go to a floor vote?

Question #4: Do you support placing local-government negotiations with public-employee unions under Nevada's open-meeting law?

Question #5: Do you support requiring paid lobbyists to file reports concerning lobbying activities at the end of each calendar quarter in which the Legislature is not in session?

Question #6: Will you sponsor legislation in support of any of the above items? If so, please specify which item.

Answer #1 Answer #2 Answer #3 Answer #4 Answer #5 Answer #6
Questions Penalties for public-record law violators? Apply open-meeting law to Legislature? Give public 72 hours to read all bills before vote? Place local government union negotiations under open-meeting law? Require lobbyists to file quarterly reports? Will you sponsor any of the above?
Yes Yes Lean Yes - This may be impractical since there is a 120 day limit, if the 120 day limit was eliminated, yes. Yes Yes No Answer
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - I would be happy to sponsor legislation on all of them.
Yes Yes Lean Yes - I support a minimum of 24 hours Yes Yes Yes - I am always interested in sponsoring and supporting legislation that increases the transparency of state government.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - ALL
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - I would encourage a bill which would give the public more than 72 hours to review a bill. I would also like to see...
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - 4
Maybe - For what violations and what penalties? I need more specific wording Yes Yes Yes Yes Lean Yes - Without the ability to read the detailed wording of these (or any) bill it is difficult to commit to. In general ter...
Yes - They should be held accountable just as any other financial, insurance, or professional firm. Other - It is great for Nevadan's to know when their lawmakers meet and be able to voice their opinions. The only thing that... Yes - It is amazing how many errors and omissions are found by everyday people. This could help the legislators out a grea... Yes - This meetings deal directly with taxpayers money and should have a say. Yes Yes - I particularly like the open meeting laws for public employee unions. Making laws have to sit for 72 hours is also a...
Maybe - If government officials violate any laws, they should be held accountable. However, I am not in favor of political... Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - 4
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - Any and all
Yes - Holding an elected or appointed position in the government is a a sacred trust. All members of our government shoul... Yes - Whenever a bill is presented, all sessions of the Legislature where there is open debate must comply with all Open M... Yes - All bills should be able to survive the scrutiny of Nevada's citizens, and the citizens should be afforded every opp... No - Negotiations, by their nature, are sensitive matters that an open meeting inclusion would transform into an entrench... Yes - Lobbying activities in this state have a significant impact on interim committees. Lobbyists should reporting their... Yes - If elected, I would be willing to support many of the above important issues to this state. I will work with the me...
Yes - I believe accountability starts with the people and ends with the people. We, are "The People." No one should be abo... Yes - I strongly believe that " We The People" have a right to be active participants in the legislative process of establ... Yes - Seventy two (72) hours should be the minimum time frame allotted for the public to read all bills before they go to... Yes - I believe it will provide a good check and balance for all parties and increase the integrity of the negotiation pro... Yes - I support full disclosure as it pertains to lobbyist and politicians receipt and/or spending of monies contributed b... Yes - I would sponsor any legislation related to the above questions that will ensure and allow full disclosure to "The Pe...
Other - This is a confusing question. What do you mean by €œpersonal capacity€? Any public official who does not comply w... No - The legislative process should be more open to the public but should not create an unmanageable administrative probl... Yes - I support this concept. Paticularly in the last few weeks of the session when they suspend the rules. Yes Lean No - I make a distinction between paid lobbyists and professional lobbyists. Those lobbying 2 or 3 issues and receiving... Yes
Yes Yes - Too often a measure is classified a €œconstitutional emergency€, at the end of the session, when there is no eviden... Yes - No more bills handled €˜at the bar€ just prior to Sine Die! Yes - thereby minimizing the passing the buck Olympics when bad contracts are revealed. Yes - as well as ending the loophole during the session where the lobbyist takes legislators out to Adele€™s and has his p... Yes - I would be proud to sign on as a sponsor to all five & have supported these reforms for quite some time.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes - but I will go one step further, I support any criminal penalties for all people who violate any law. Yes Yes - and give easy access to these bills. After all, if elected, I will work for the people. Yes - Absolutely, any negotiations between local- government and public employees unions should be public." Yes Yes - I would sponsor legislation specifically with questions 3 and 5.
Yes Yes - all should follow same laws Yes - Public has right at other levels of law €“ laws should be applied equally to all not to some and not others Yes - why should they be €œsecret€? Yes - along with any contributions of any kind (meals, trips, etc.) Yes - any
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes - knowingly violating Nevada's public record laws requires prosecution Yes Yes - the public has the right to view proposed legislation that will affect their future Yes Yes Yes - all the above Transparency is necessary to establish trust in government and the legislative process

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