Travis Barrick's 2010 Transparency Survey Response

Republican, Attorney General

Question Answer Additional Comments
Question #1: Do you support putting an itemized accounting of all state spending (a.k.a. Nevada's checkbook) online in a searchable format, as states such as Missouri and Texas have done? Yes No additional comments
Question #2: Do you support placing local-government negotiations with public-employee unions under Nevada’s open-meeting law? Yes No additional comments
Question #3: Do you support applying Nevada’s open-meeting law to the Legislature? No No additional comments
Question #4: Do you support giving the public 72 hours to read all bills before they go to a floor vote? Yes YES, in general, without making the "Notice" obligation unduly burdensome to the legislative process. 72 hours is a very long lead time when the legislature is in session.
Question #5: Do you support requiring campaign finance data to be publicly available in a common, electronically searchable format (e.g., Excel, CSV, tab-delimited, etc.)? Yes No additional comments
Question #6: Will you sponsor legislation in support of any of the above items? (This question applies to legislative candidates only.) If yes, please use the “comment” section to describe the kind of legislation you will sponsor. N/A YES, even though as Attorney General, my role would not include sponsoring legislation. However, the open-meeting laws need to be refined and clarified, as evidenced by the current interpretations by the Attorney General that grant excessive waivers and exemptions to local governing bodies.
Any additional comments? Transparency is the guarantee that the government will remain Of the People, By the People and For the People.